9 Exclusive Oberheim magazines from the 80s

Updated: Feb 11, 2019

Do you own a Matrix 6 or 1000? Are you an Oberheim fan? Are you a synthwave geek? Well, this post is just for you!

I'm a huge fan of Obereheim synths. A few years ago I started to collect them so I bought a Matrix 1000 and this year an amazing DSI OB-6 as well. A few days ago on my birthday my fiancée surprised me with a fantastic Oberheim Matrix 6 synth from 1986. She bought in Boston and the seller gave her not just the synth but some original prints! Why is this a big deal?

Tom Oberheim products are not very frequent on the internet, because in the one hand most of his instruments are extremly expensive, rare and in the other hand the company personal branding & marketing was not so active in the past decade (like Moog or Dave Smith). Therefore it's always a pleasure if you find a contemporary document (or let's say vintage) from the past wich wasn't shared on the internet before.

Especially from the 80s, when his legendary syths were created like the OB-Xa, DX / DMX, Matrix 12 & Matrix 6 or Xpander. There are not so much background information about this period from Oberheim even nowdays on the internet.

Therefore I was extremly excited when I found inside the synth’s case

9 issues of OberView ad-magazines by Oberheim from 1986 with full of exclusive interviews, synth tricks, patches, synth factory behind the scenes and articles about the music market in the 80s.

True time travel to the golden age of analog/digital synthesizers and early digital drum computers! These mini-magazines were the early blogs for musicians in an age when public internet was only a dream: synths came with a magazine subscription - an exclusive monthly journal from Oberheim sent by post. Of course this is a sord of ad-magazine with a lot of sales info, but if you own a Matrix 6 / 1000 or will find some great authentic content from the 80s.

Magazine highlights:

- Exclusive interview with Herbie Hancock on his Oberheim synths and Allan Holdsworth on guitar synthesis

- Billy Ocean, Tony Kaye (Yes), Jeffrey Osborne and Tim Weisberg talk about their Oberheim gear

- Noise modulation, Pedal programming + “Sonic submarine” patch on Matrix 6

- Programming techniques + 5 exclusive patches (Piantiar, Slapbach, Fake DLL, Clay Jug, Electric Piano+Brass) for Matrix 1000

- Articles about Matrix 6, Matrix 12, DMX, DPX1 & factory behind the scenes

Unfortunatelly this collection is incomplete: covers only a few copies from 1986 to 1988 (including the very first issue). If you own any of the missing issues please let me know.

Have fun!

Download OberView issues

in pdf format:

'86 November

'86 December

'87 February

'87 April

'87 May & June

'87 July & August

'87 September & October

'88 April

'88 September

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