Update: Frequency Chart v2.0 for your studio wall

Need a super simple print on your studio's wall wich covers all the sound sources you use in your electronic, acoustic music production?

Last year I made a mix-helper frequency chart, but some quite basic and instruments have been missing such as guitars or analog drum machine kicks. Also I made some fine-tuning in the frequency ranges, also reorganized the sound sections and made the whole thing visually more clean and color-coded.


- 'Roland 808' analog kick added

- 'Roland 909' analog kick added

- 'Snap' added

- 'Conga' added

- Detailed info about 'Cymbal & Ride'

- 'Bass Guitar' added

- 'Electric Guitar' added

- 'Acoustic Guitar' added

- 'Electric Organ' added


- Chart is divided into 2 pages: 'Drums' & 'Instruments'

- '12kHz' added, '20kHz' deleted

- Re-organized sections with color-codes

- Some naming changes in key frequencies in 'Kick', 'Snare', 'Brass & 'Strings'

- Unimportant key frequencies ('mud') and not specific sounds ('Pad', 'Synth' & 'Lead') are removed

Tap / Click to download the 2 charts here & print it out as big as you want:

Cover photo by John Hurt

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