Poster to Your Studio Wall - Chart of Fundamental Frequencies

A few moths ago I found a great Frequency Chart helper on Pinterest by Matthew Sargeant in his article How To Eq Your Mix. The article is great and I wondered if I could print it and put on my home studio's wall, but the chart was available only in a jpg format and looked dummy-pixeled on an A4 print.

What a pity - I said - the chart is really handy, it helps me a lot when I get confused mixing bass, strings, drums or vocals.

UPDATE: This chart has been updated in to v2.0 2017 april with additional instruments - dowload the new chart HERE

So I redesigned it and made a vectorized PDF version of it and I put in front of my home studio desk.

Thanks again Matthew for this great handy chart!

You can download from here and print it as big as you want:

#helper #production #free #PDF #audiotheory

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