My Best-Of Selection of Inspirational Music Production, Samples, Plugins & More form 80+ Blogs a

I'm a visual guy - I love to see everything in images. I'm tracking more than 80 blogs and online magazines a daily basis so also very important to me to save and collect all the interesting stuff instantly since anywhere and anytime. For this reason I started to collect all these articles & weblinks which can help or inspire me durning my music production process.

Ready to check out more than 450 hand picked content about this?

The content is divided in the following sections:

1. Audio & Music Theory: General music theory, songwriting helpers (chord and melody progressions), instrument tunings and ranges, relations of chords

2. Sound Production Tutorials: Sound mixing tutorials, behavior of sound, sound manipulation techiques

3. Film & Videogame Scoring: Articles & interviews about underscore and production tutorials, courses. Also some of my favourite scoring sample libraries can be found here.

4. Video Game Production: Articles & interviews about videogame production (I started this section a few month ago, there is not too many content here at the moment)

5. Sample Libraries: A subjective selection of the most instersting sample banks available today - mostly in 24bit, 48 kHz wav / aiff / rex & Kontakt formats - of classic electronic gears (drum machines & synths), classical instruments (for film or videogame prodution) and also acoustic instruments

6. Audio Plugin FX & Presets: My favourite vst, audio unit effects (reverbs, eqs, compressors etc.) for DAWs or controller plugins of my favourite hardware gears.

7. Audio Plugin Analyzers & Tools: My favourite vst, audio unit tools (analyzer, meter, visual helpers.) for mixing & understanding sound more precise

8. Virtual Instruments (AU/VST/AXX) Impressive vst instruments & presets

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