250 Moog Sub37 Official Audio Unit Presets

Today Moog released the vst/au/protools editor for the Sub 37 analog synth. The new editor is great and fully filled with many extra routing options! Also the editor comes with new preset banks made by Trash Audio. Alessandro Cortini, Surachai Sutthisasanakul, Justin McGrath, and Richard Devine.

Today I made a quick selection of the favourite presets from this official release and saved as audio units, sorted in relevant folders (like 'bass', lead' etc.). When I'm using Ableton Live, this could be extremly helpful if I want to browse the synth's presets in Live's browser instead of searching on the Sub37's plugin interface. Audio Units are also very comfortable when recalling complete pre-designed racks for a midi tracks - for exsample a "Sub 37 Preset + UAD compressor + Ableton EQ".

You can download 250 Selected Official Sub37 Presets in AU format here.

How to install & use:

1. Download the presets and unzip the file

2. Put the whole library wherever you store your presets.

3. In Ableton create a midi track and put an External Instrument on it - select your Sub37 under 'Midi To'

3. In Ableton search for the directory and just put a preset right after your External Instrument

4. You can browse other Sub37 presets by Hot-Swapping from the 250 presets in the directory

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